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February 6, 2024
Emory University Student Center and Online

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Tuesday, February 6, 2024  - 6:30 EST

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Congratulations from Family & Friends


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Meet the Class

100SH co 24 mosaic.png

Maha Abu-Salah 22Ox 24C

Adeola Adelekan 24C

Precious Ajiero 24C

Carla Aleman 24C

Amelia Andujar 24C

Alex Banul 24C

Joe Beare 24C

Sarah Bekele 22Ox 24C

Lexi Bortnick 24C

Kaleb Branch 24C

Nyah Bruce 24B

Olivia-Alexis Calderon 22Ox 24C

Yasmin Castelan 22Ox 24C

Jose Cerritos 24C

Kushagra Chadha 24B

Michael Chan 22Ox 24C

Roy Chang 24C

Zachary Chernick 24B

Roxanne Chou 22Ox 24N

Matthew Chupack 24C

Harrison Coorey 21Ox 24B

Quynh-Giang Dang 24C

Sona Davis 24C

Spencer Dickman 23B

Anhhuy Do 24C

Maya Fleischer 24C

Alexandra Fulford 24N

Dylan Gandy 24C

Devin Gee 22Ox 24C

Robert-James Graulich 24B

Lauren Grychowski 22Ox 24C

Elle Haushalter 24B

Harrison Helms 24C


Alex Hess 24C

Jenna Holton 22Ox 24C

Zeaven Hoxie 24C

Junwen (Kate) Huang 21Ox 24C

Marwah Ismail 24C

Ariel Jacobson 22C 24N

Nadine Jarrar 24C

Mandy Jiang 22Ox 24N

Arturo Juarez 22Ox 24C

Spencer Kahn 24B

Anya Kasubhai 22Ox 24C

Tamsin Kernick 22Ox 24B

William Kerscher 24C

Fareed Khan 24B

Dana Kim 24C

Tess Klugherz 24C

Clara LaFollette 24C

Abigail Lau 24C

Jeffrey Ling 24C

Anna Liu 24B

Fiona Liu 24C

Vivian Liu 24C

Abby Mackey 24C

Amaya Martin 24C

Alexander Matheus 23B

Cassidy McGoldrick 24C

Jacob (Jake) Meyer 24B

Khegan Meyers 24B

Malika Miyawaki 24N

Samara Moll 24C

America Moreno Ruiz 22Ox 24C

Izzy Munson 24B

Neha Murthy 24C

Evan Mustin 24C

Moyo Odugbemi 24C

Anusha Panjwani 24C

Bhavana Pavuluri 24C

Ana Perez 24C

Harrison Pire 24B

Annette Prah 24C

Sonali Rathore 24B

Grace Regnier 24C

Jonathan Ross 24B

Srinjayi Saha 24B

Hridansh Saraogi 24C

Kenya Sei 24C

Nolan Shah 24C

Sophia Shahin 24C

Emily Silver 24C

Dana Smiley 22Ox 24C

Ethan Smith 23B

Matthew Somekh 24C

Colin Song 24C

Anna Sotirescu 24C

Phoebe Taiwo 24C

Patan Tippitak 21Ox 24C

Claire Todaro 21Ox 24C

Javier Trujillo 24C

Harry Ung 24C

Muskaan Vohra 22Ox 24C

Carly Wallace 24B

Jayden Weaver 24C

Kenneth Wingate Jr.  22Ox 24C

George Wu 21Ox 24C

Sophia Yang 22Ox 24C

Yichen (Eric) Yang 24C

Jessica Yoon 22Ox 24C

Event Program



Roy Chang 24C & Colin Song 24C
Student Alumni Board Presidents



Paul Coloma 10B 10L

Emory Alumni Board Membe

100 Senior Honorary Alum 

Award & Traditions Chair 


Gregory L.  Fenves

President, Emory University


Reading of the Statements

Madeline Chappell 14 Ox 16C

Anna Dix 18N

Rebeca Leon 18N

Muhammad Naveed 17Ox 19C

Denny Shin 19C 24M
Jeffrey You 18B



Enku Gelaye

Senior Vice President and Dean of Campus Life


 Alma Mater

Performed by Dooley Noted


Closing Remarks

Roy Chang 24C & Colin Song 24C


Impact Statements

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About the Honorary

Each year, the Emory Alumni Board and the Student Alumni Board strive to recognize the success of outstanding students and identify emerging alumni leaders from the current senior class. These students are named the 100 Senior Honorary.

These seniors are campus leaders, thought provokers, dynamic athletes, academic mentors, and community influencers. They are committed to their passions and pursuits, and have made significant contributions to the Emory community. And each one is committed to making significant contributions to their alumni communities around the world.

The 100 Senior Honorary members are chosen from the graduating classes of the undergraduate schools: Emory College of Arts and Sciences, Roberto C. Goizueta Business School, and the Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing.


Because the 100 have demonstrated outstanding achievements on campus, we charge each one with acting as alumni leaders after graduation. The possibilities are endless. Members of the past classes of 100 Senior Honorary mentor upcoming students, serve as admission representatives, are involved in their chapters, join host committees during reunions and serve on leadership boards. There is a place for every talent.

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